Viscose is a semi-synthetic fibre which was earlier known as viscose rayon. The Yarn is made of cellulose fibre which is regenerated. Many products are made with this fibre because it is smooth and cool as compared to other fibres. It is highly absorbent and it is very similar to cotton. Viscose Spun Yarn is obtained from Viscose Staple Fibre which is extracted from plant cellulose , made from wood-pulp or cotton-pulp. Our manufacturing partners offer high quality Viscose Spun Yarns in Single, Double or Multifold plies for weaving, knitting, crochet, carpet piles and other industrial applications.

Being the leaders in the market, we are offering an excellent range of Viscose Yarns. Offered yarns are used in various textile industries for stitching and fabricating varied garments as per the latest fashion trends. These yarns are spun by our skilled professionals using premium quality fibers and advanced machinery. Apart from this, provided range is available in multiple shades and color combinations to suit the client’s demands.

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Viscose rayon was the first manufactured fiber. It is not synthetic like polyester, because it is made from natural materials, but it is heavily processed. There are several production techniques used to turn viscose into rayon. The finished product has a high sheen, is very soft, and is also quite strong. However, viscose can also be brittle, is prone to pilling, and needs to be washed with care to avoid scratching or otherwise damaging the fibers.

Viscose Yarn is also called as Rayon Yarn or Viscose Rayon Yarn in some parts of the world. The clothes that you would wear made out of 100% viscose yarn would look like silk and feel soft like cotton, it is very light, highly breathable and with high moisture absorbency it would help during warm weathers.

Viscose is extracted chemically from trees (Wood and Bamboo), so can be categorised as semi natural. The viscose yarn produced using bamboo may be termed as Bamboo Viscose Yarn. Modal Yarn is produced using 100% Modal Fibre, which is produced with slightly lesser chemical process, so it may be considered as more environment friendly just when compared to viscose.