We dye these yarns by using different types disperse dyes, reactive dyes, acrylic dyes of premium quality of multinational company of good repute. All the dyeing machineries & other infrastructure is from galvanin, ITALY fully computerised & PLC Controlled.

All the shades are matched and passed through Spectrometer based computer controlled analysis to meet International Standards of E E. Depending upon the clients requirement : high washing fastness, sublimation fastness & light fastness are achieved through proper dyestuff & process to meet as per AITCC Norms.All the dye stuffs & auxiliaries atilised are Eco & Environment friendly.

Yarn-dyed fabric is made out of pre-dyed yarns woven into a pattern. It differs from piece-dyed fabric, which is dyed after the cloth is woven. Popular yarn-dyed patterns include gingham check, dobby cloth, and some plaids.

In this article, you’ll find out how manufacturers make yarn-dyed fabric, how this unique kind of cloth is different from other materials, and how to use this cloth yourself!